Client Name



Information Technology Solutions

Key Challanges

  • Aggressively grow services revenue through more effective selling of Logicalis branded solutions
  • Salesforce transformation and culture change – from traditional product reseller to complex solution seller
  • Selling higher/wider both inside and outside of IT
  • Positioning solutions based on business value created


  • Identified success competencies and validated predictive sales skill profile for internal alignment and more effective hiring
  • Created custom account and opportunity planning methodology aligned with current CRM
  • Conducted web-based benefits quantification / investment analysis workshop for sales and solution architects
  • Rolled out three-phased custom value selling workshop and management coaching process

Key Benefits

  • Improved opportunity qualification and planning
  • Consistent sales methodology and language
  • Lower cost of sales through more efficient sales process
  • Winning more deals at higher margins
  • Met services revenue numbers in Q1 and Q2 2012



In order to compete and grow, Logicalis must transition from a successful hardware reseller to a services-lead solutions provider. Services revenue percentage must grow significantly to achieve a balance of hardware and services over the next 12-24 months. Many aspects of the strategic plan are now in place to drive this boxes to solutions transformation. And now their sales organization must be converted into one that at sells solutions at the highest appropriate levels.


Pretium evaluated the skills of the incumbent sales force to enable alignment with value selling and strengthen new hiring accuracy. An account planning process was developed to better qualify opportunities, drive consistency and sell more effectively. To align with their current toolset, go to market process and CEO vision, a highly customized Value Assessment Methodology was implemented for sales. Sales management is being prepared to coach reps and drive success.


Sales opportunities are better qualified and the approach is based on how Logicalis can improve client business. Increased sales process efficiency is due to sales reps advancing opportunities further in the process before enlisting other internal resources. Reps are getting greater access to the executive levels both inside and outside of IT. Their ability to discuss financials, articulate ROI and build a business case with clients is providing significant competitive differentiation. As the sales culture is changing, services revenue numbers are dramatically improving.


As this transformation continues Logicalis will hire more services focused salespeople. Pretium will continue to work with sales management on how to effectively manage in the solution sales environment. More workshops on value selling driven around live account opportunities will take place along with ongoing web-based reinforcement and consulting.