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As a sales performance improvement company we shape sales organizations that effectively articulate and sell the business outcomes their customers will receive.

Accomplished value selling organizations are built upon four essential pillars: accurate selection of salespeople, effective value selling training implementation, sales management coaching and alignment of sales and marketing.

For almost 2 decades, Pretium has been a global leader and innovator in teaching business outcomes based value selling. Today, our sales talent management solutions are focused on the four essential pillars to instill sustained, engrained individual and organizational change to increase sales effectiveness.

Business results our clients receive include:
  • Significantly reduced hiring and turnover costs
  • Sales hiring accuracy as great as 85%
  • Increased win rates and improved sales margins
  • Accelerated revenue growth of up to 30%
  • ROI for training greater than 1000%
If you struggle to identify and hire the right sales people, to explain real business value to your customers, to have meaningful executive conversations and credible ROI discussions, to build an effective business case that articulates your solution's value, or simply need to accelerate revenue and win more business, let's start the conversation...Contact Us!

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