This company is a leader in e-commerce software and systems. Their strategy required that they sell enterprise solutions, develop key service offerings and become a player in e-commerce outsourcing. Pretium was hired to address the outsourcing business.


Sales challenges

The sales force excelled at selling lower priced software and were unprepared for the challenges of selling complex business solutions such as outsourcing. They needed to call on executives and position the value e-commerce outsourcing.



Pretium customized and implemented Selling the Business Impact of Outsourcing. A strong emphasis was placed on gaining access to key executives and conducting effective meetings with them. The consultative nature of the methodology was key in helping them break from the transactional nature of their traditional software sales practices.



The VP of outsourcing attests: “[Pretium’s] methodology provides the structure and tools for the most important aspect of closing the sale — meeting with the decision-maker and demonstrating the hard dollar value of your solution.”