Over the previous two years, this company had acquired numerous companies that, when meshed together, enabled them to bring much larger and more expensive solutions to the table. They finally had the solution to get to the top, they just needed to know how.

Sales challenges

Positioned too low in customer organizations, while competitors were positioned at the top, selling above the clinical level, selling broader more expensive solutions than in the past, losing “at the last minute.”


The customized workshop taught them to gain access, conduct successful first meetings, and build the business case that advocates their solution from a competitive business perspective. Part of the post-workshop activity is a CEO Roundtable, which provides the opportunity for them to ask anything they desire of a hospital CEO.


Since the workshop has been in deployment for over three years, more than 600 sales professionals have made great strides in behavior change. After the workshop, one salesperson decided to target and meet with the CEO of a hospital who was about to close a deal with a competitor. With that meeting he was able to turn that deal around resulting in a $1.5 million dollar win, which in turn lead to two more orders from affiliated hospitals, totaling $4.5 million dollars.