This leading global BPM company desired to improve sales. They were kickstarting their Sales Academy and needed to add structure and common language to their sales development efforts. With sales roles divided between new business development and account management, it was imperative to understand whether or not each of the sales resources were in the right type of role to leverage their natural abilities and skillsets.


Sales Challenges

A common sales process had not been clearly established and there have only been sporadic efforts at training in the past. The ability to translate what their solutions do into the value and business outcomes the customer receives was required so they could be in a position to win more of the larger deals.



Pretium worked closely with multiple stakeholders to fully understand the current and desired future environment. They brought together world class talent analytics, consulting, training and coaching to add structure to sales development efforts, enable alignment of sales talent to the right sales roles, hire as effectively as possible going forward, sell business value at the highest levels and ensure a continual learning and development approach.



Numerous sales people have commented that the more structured sales approach combined with their customer business outcome focus has helped them prioritize opportunities, increase deal scope, gain incremental client commitments, increase pipeline velocity and close more business.