As a software company that supports primarily F500 companies, they compete with all of the largest consulting companies on a regular basis, and get consistent pushback on consulting rates.


Sales Challenges

PS consultants were hired for their vertical market knowledge and delivery expertise, not their sales capabilities. They struggled with the value conversation and would often give discounts whenever the customer questioned them on their rates.



Over many years Pretium has worked with the entire consulting team to transform them into delivery consultants who can now sell their services profitably by linking their services to customer business outcomes and effectively articulating that linkage. Pretium’s multi-phased and customized approach continues to ensure that all content is relevant and learning/reinforcement is continuous.



They have been much better at discovering, articulating and delivering business value created, honing their messaging and delivery around their unique value proposition and competitive differentiation – allowing them to better meet client expectations while driving their own profitable revenue.