This start up company offered a service considered mundane by the industry but when performed well-offered exceptional value creation. Their challenge was getting their first significant engagements with large clients. This required getting executive level audiences and educating them on the value of outsourcing this activity.

Sales challenges

As with so many small companies, they did not have the luxury of hiring expensive, experienced sales executives. The core management team needed a methodology and consistent approach to position their outsourcing service.


The program that Pretium facilitated focused on analyzing their most strategic prospect. While learning the value assessment methodology, they also developed a compelling business case to present to the prospect. The participants in the program were the company’s founder, head of operations, head of marketing and head of sales. Ninety days later, and after collaboration with their key prospect, they asked Pretium to consult on the same business case and make improvements.


They converted the strategic prospect to a new customer! They have strengthened their message and are more effective at getting the value proposition communicated quickly.