This services company serves the financial services marketplace. Growth depended on two things: growing within the existing customer base by leveraging their professional services consultants in the sales process. They needed to establish early that value would be the reason a customer would buy from them, and then be able to demonstrate that they are capable of delivering it.

Sales challenges

The consultants felt uncomfortable selling to customers with whom they had trusted relationships. The new business development team needed to focus on the early stages of the sales process. More specifically, conduct effective first meetings, identify business problems, and communicate an important message — if they couldn’t demonstrate that value could be created, then they wouldn’t write a proposal.


Pretium’s value assessment methodology was customized to place emphasis on areas addressing the sales challenges. In the same workshop consultants and new business development managers were able to work on their challenges and develop and present business cases for real opportunities.


The EVP of sales and marketing said, “By basing the concepts on real client situations, Pretium was able to drive home the key points. The group could easily relate to situations directly connected to their success.”