“Our Field team has been tasked with renewing and rightsizing service contracts for our daVinci systems. After meeting Pretium Partners at TSW, we engaged them for our Worldwide Services event.  Their highly customized approach to our challenges were perfectly on target.  The response and feedback from our team was outstanding, and the business results we’ve achieved since then are significantly better than we could have hoped for.”

John Wagner
Vice President Field Service Americas
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.


“We had such great success with Pretium at my former company, that I brought them in to work with my new team during the past 2 years. Their Value Assessment Sales Methodology and phased approach to learning has made a significant difference in my team’s ability to converse with customer executives and articulate the business outcomes we can create for them.  There’s no doubt we’ve won a lot more business because of it.

Ricardo Leitao
SVP, Global Consulting Services
Software AG


“We’ve always felt we could be better at articulating our value, and often wondered if we had the right people in the right sales roles.  Pretium’s predictive analytics for talent management in combination with their value assessment methodology has provided actionable insights into sales team alignment and development, and has dramatically improved our ability to sell value and win more business!”

Katie Cook
Senior Vice President


“Pretium’s holistic approach to our sales challenges combined with their deep dive into our organization, lead to a customized, multi-phased initiative that really moved the needle forward for us. We’ve had many sales people close more deals as a result, and we’re continuing to use Pretium to drive even further sales improvement.”

Sanjay Dutt
SVP and Head of Capability Development
EXL Service


“In the fall of 2015 we went thru Business Outcome Selling workshop. The course helped to realign the way we think about demonstrating value to our customers in a very compelling way.  The materials and frameworks have helped us close 2 multi-million dollar deals with Fortune 50 Aerospace customers in the time since.  I would highly recommend Kyle and Bill to help focus and train any sales team despite their choice of alma maters.”

Christopher Bouthiette
Senior Director Business Development


“There is no question that using Pretium’s value assessment methodology helped us secure these orders, and many others. Without the focus on selling high with a value-based approach, we would have been stuck low in the organization wondering about our future with two of our long time customers”

Jeff Tremaine
Vice President US Field Service


“As an extremely technical sales organization, we were accustomed to detailing every possible process outcome. We lacked the ability to drive value through a financial model based on what matters to our customers. Pretium Partners delivered. We are now armed with the framework to ask questions outside our engineering expertise. We are now able to tie core engineering abilities with the business outcomes today’s customers demand.”

Jim Egan
Director, North American Sales
General Kinematics


“We brought in Pretium for business value training at my former company, and everyone agreed it was the best sales program they had ever gone through. Fast forward 5 years – I dusted off the Pretium methodology and used it with my team to close out 2017. We targeted our top 10 opportunities, each over 1M in revenue, and won 9 out of 10!  There’s nothing quite like killing it at the end of the year!  My entire team is now hooked on Pretium’s Value Assessment Methodology!”

Rick Weishar
Director Business Development


“Thanks to Pretium, value has become the foundation for evaluating all of our client pursuits. This has caused us to take a healthy look at how we project value to clients and has definitely improved the success rate of our business development executives.”

Erik Golz
President and COO
ADS Financial Services


“We have worked with Pretium for over nineteen years. Their experience in the technology market and services, combined with their value focused selling approach is a perfect fit for us. They invest the time to understand our business, and their sharp focus on our behavior change requirements has enabled us to significantly increase new account penetration and customer retention. We need solid ROI from our training initiatives, and Pretium delivers!”

Craig Wallace
Cranel Inc.


“Since taking the Pretium Partners, Selling Solutions course two years ago, I can equate roughly $600,000 of revenue income directly to the techniques I learned through this course. Considering my annual quota of 2 Million, that’s substantial.”

John Chapin
Diebold Incorporated


“When people ask me what impact the Pretium program had on our business, I tell them it fundamentally changed our behavior and approach to winning business. Exercising the disciplines embodied in Pretium’s programs has forced us to: find and articulate value for our clients, eliminate unqualified candidates from our pipeline faster, and better coordinate our selling efforts.”

Erik Golz
President and COO
ADS Financial Services


“Many of my 10+ year experienced sales professionals commented to me that this was the best sales training they had ever received. They left the training feeling confident that they could execute on the knowledge gained to win business at the executive level.”

Mike Solomon
Vice President Sales and Marketing
NCR IT Infrastructure Services


“Pretium Partners developed and facilitated an impactful training session that helped me structure my sales delivery. Specifically, they provided the tools and underlying logic to help move client prospects through the sales pipeline toward executed contracts. Kyle brings to each session an extremely high level of commitment and delivers the entire program with a remarkable passion for learning and teaching.”

Kevin Loftus
EXL Service


“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our training session. I don’t think I realized how much I was learning at the time, but when I discussed with my manager what we had accomplished, I was surprised how much new information I had acquired. Sometimes, well-seasoned sales people such as myself are in danger of becoming cynical and complacent with our old patterns of sales calling and planning. Thanks for all the great insight!”

Norma Meissner
Philips Medical Systems

“We chose Pretium because they specialized in outsourcing and knew our business. Our overall sales and margins have increased as we are now able to relate our fees to the value received. Because we can more quickly and accurately qualify opportunities, we have improved our sales productivity and our propose-to-close ratio.”

Jim Cote
Vice President of Sales
Advanced Technology Services, Inc.


“In my former company, I rolled out ‘Selling the Business Impact of Your Solutions’ to over five hundred field sales people and managers. It addressed our challenges involving gaining access, engaging executive buyers and closing more deals at that level. The program has consistently received rave reviews and the ROI on this significant investment was realized many times over! The sales tools that Pretium provided are extremely valuable and practical. My confidence in Pretium and their systematic, no-nonsense approach to sales improvement is such that I am bringing them to my new company and sales force!”

David Levesque
Vice President, Global Learning
SonoSite, Inc.


“After 17 years in sales and sales management, last week’s ‘Selling the Business Impact of Your Solution’ was one of the best ‘rubber-meets- the-road’ classes I’ve ever taken.”

Sales Professional
Philips Medical Systems


“Many of the recommendations and tactics identified during the ‘Selling Business Value’ class were utilized during my latest sales process, resulting in a $3.6 million win.”

Sales Professional