Infrastructure services needed to be positioned as a strategic company offering to further differentiate them from the competition. They needed to quickly increase revenues and margins.

Sales challenges

Needed quick sales gains, getting to the appropriate levels to sell value, being seen as a valuable member of the sales team by their own product sales force.


Required Pretium to work closely with and interview dozens of people in the client’s marketing and sales organizations, and have a customized deliverable within 45 days aimed at enabling them to build a business case that justified their service solution on its business merits. Globally deployed to the entire sales force in 1Q 2003, including delivery with simultaneous translation in Asia.


The changes in behavior have been dramatic. The sales force now conducts customer meetings by focusing on business drivers and benefits instead of technology. They have also become more proficient at presenting their solutions in business terms like cash flow improvements, mitigating risk, and aligning with strategy. Their management is excited and confident that this new behavior is resulting in measurable sales gains.