Accelerating Customer Time to Value With Professional Services Offers

Lead by Kyle Andrews, Principal at Pretium

Time to value is becoming a standard discussion point in the PS world, and it’s getting more important than ever.

Join us for this session as we focus on accelerating time to value. What we must do in sales, delivery, the hand-off and execution, and manage those areas most effectively. We’ll look at TSIA best practices along with those that our members have put forth to address this.

In the always-popular workout format, participants will define the discussion priorities and contribute to the problem solving. Kyle will be joined by Bo DiMuccio, TSIA’s VP of Research for Professional Services, who will share the latest research on the topic.


Consultative Selling Approaches to Selling Managed Services

Lead by Bill Hall, Principal at Pretium

Managed Services providers have a lot at stake. With longer sales cycles, higher cost of sales and high risk/reward of the opportunities, providers must not take the “same old sales” approach. Providers can realize significant ROI from deploying the proper sales model.

Utilizing the popular workout session format, participants will help define the requirements, challenges, and best practices for a successful, consultative selling model.

Bill will be joined by George Humphrey, TSIA’s VP of Research for Managed Services, who will share the latest research on the topic.