The financial crisis in the telecommunications industry depressed equipment sales and lead to an urgent need to grow services as a strategic business. They developed a broad family of service solutions to address a large variety of business needs. Further, as the telecom industry recovered, customers made equipment investments with renewed scrutiny, placing a high premium on investments with clear business value.


Sales challenges

The service portfolio is very broad — traditional maintenance, deployment, professional services, outsourcing — addressing a diverse set of needs. The service sales force needed to be effective at calling on senior management where comprehensive problems and solutions could be discussed. The product sales force needed to adapt to the new scrutiny sell consultatively and focus on business value.



Pretium deployed a custom value assessment program to their services sales force in North America, EMEA, Asia/Pacific and Central and South America. The program for the product sales force placed emphasis on business case development and competitive differentiation.



A North American sales vice president declared the program the best sales training he has ever had and reports that his teams are quickly implementing key aspects of the program. A sales executive claimed a large order was won because of his ability to expand the discussion of value beyond platitudes and include a clear financial analysis and business case discussion.