This young company’s sales force was focused too much on product features and cost, and the company was perceived as a “me too” player in their market space. The belief was that they could bring more value to the table than their sales force could articulate. In order to achieve growth targets, they needed a 5 to 10 fold increase in average deal size.

Sales challenges

Getting caught in pricing games, losing to smaller competitors with lesser solutions and lower prices, urgent need to differentiate and define how their software solutions aligned with and enabled their customers’ business strategies.


Pretium was engaged to develop a customized workshop tailored to their market that would help them increase their sales effectiveness. Working with the senior executive team, we developed a hands-on intensive program that took the sales force through all elements necessary to build an executive level business case for their solution.


The workshop was deployed globally with great success. The vice president of sales and marketing reported that they were closing much larger deals in extremely competitive situations.